Balsam & Exhibition IWM September Blog

Balsam & Exhibition

We are quickly coming to the end of the treatment season & thoughts now turn to taking some well-earned time off. Whilst most of our (mainly wet) summer has been spent trying to work around the inclement weather conditions we have also been working on another business project which we are very excited about!

In these updates we tend to talk mainly about Japanese Knotweed & the effects, the information & misinformation out there in the wide world & what can be done about it. This month (mainly because its been so bloody wet) I would like to talk about another problematic species, Himalayan Balsam. This beautiful plant is the largest annual plant in Britain & can grow at an unbelievable rate. It originates from, you guessed it, the Himalayas, and has a distinctive purple flower. It is particularly invasive and can create dense growth. It enjoys wetland areas and currently it can be seen infesting river banks across the UK. It spreads by impressive seed burst and is currently classified as a Schedule 9 plant under the wildlife & countryside act.

Footage of the seed burst below

This year we are also exhibiting at Here we hope to meet some interesting figures in the land remediation sector & attend seminars to keep up with the latest industry developments. Key-note speakers from the Environment Agency, EIC & business leaders make this one of the most important exhibitions of its kind in the UK.

Feel free to come and have a chat at our stand C3180 to discuss, well, anything really!

August Knotweed Blog

August Blog 2017

We are mid-way through the season now & we are just about taking a breath. Due to our recent successes we have been fortunate enough to add to our growing team and are happy to say they are coming along fantastically.

Ongoing investment through training to national and international standards is a priority for our business and we are looking forward to our workforce adding to their growing list of competencies & qualifications.

At this time of year there is also an upsurge of media and news articles relating to Invasive species, with Japanese Knotweed & Giant Hogweed garnering the majority of coverage. A recent case in the national press recently related to an incident in North London where a government employee was filmed dumping Japanese Knotweed into a local watercourse.

As it stands a person or organisation causing the spread of Japanese Knotweed can be liable for a hefty fine for breaching such rules. As a result of this the agency in question, In this case the Environment Agency, could be liable. The funny thing about this is Environment agency were responsible for the publication of the first Codes of practice!

The full article can be found below:

Herbicidal Treatment

Knotweed, Hogweed and Giant Hogweed

Invasive Weed Management June Blog 2017

With the Japanese Knotweed growing season now well underway we are covering more ground and plants than ever. We have recently made 2 additions to our growing team to help us with an ever increasing work load. We have noticed a real upsurge in excavation projects in the past few weeks, working for commercial businesses ranging from the manufacturing industry to large scale residential building projects. From our very small view point the economy doesn’t look to be as bad as some media outlets are suggesting.

We are also encountering increasing amounts of stories from clients regarding advice they have been given regarding Japanese Knotweed. This has ranged from “oh, just cut it and burn it and it will go” to “If it’s on your property you can contract a terminal disease!” both of these statements are not only extremely worrying to hear but are categorically untrue. My god, what are people playing at??

As always at this time of year the media will be posting a lot of stories relating to invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed & particularly after the recent hot weather Giant Hogweed. This plant can be harmful to people, especially children, so please whatever you do familiarise yourself with this plant and inform your children to stay away from it. Here are a couple of articles related to Hogweed which have been published recently

Make sure you can identify the difference between giant hogweed & common hogweed (which is harmless)

If you have any concerns or need advice please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can drop us a picture via email or our telephone number is on the website


New York Excavations & Birthday Cake

At the end of this month we will be 3 years old! I genuinely cannot believe where the time has gone. From the highs of securing our very first job in Knaresborough to a recent excavation project in North West London it has been a fantastic experience so far & one that will continue to be so. We have met a huge number of people from all different backgrounds & many having the same problem. What can I do about Japanese Knotweed?! Thankfully we have been able to help all of these people with advice & management plans to help ease their fears & resolve their problems. For this we feel especially proud.

Once such customer contacted us recently from New York! He has noticed a real issue with Japanese Knotweed over in USA and we gave him some free advice which we were more than happy to do. Who knows IWM USA??

We have been working very hard of over the past few weeks organising various projects, from small residential excavations of Japanese Knotweed to landscaping projects for the largest construction company in the UK & now feel the need to strengthen our team. We are currently looking to recruit an office assistant on a part time basis as well as an operative to assist us for what will undoubtedly be another very busy year.

If you feel you have the necessary drive & skills please email your CV to

The growing season is now most definitely under way as these pictures show. Get ready for an explosion of growth over the coming weeks.

New York KNOTWEED  Birthday Cake
March Knotweed Blog 2017
York KNOTWEED Removal
See you in a Month!


Railways, Knotweed and Apps

February Knotweed Blog 2017

Media coverage of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed is normally reserved for the summer time but this year there has been a potentially landmark case over the winter months.

A homeowner in Cardiff successfully Sued Network Rail after their house was affected by Japanese Knotweed encroaching from land owned by Network rail. Neighbours Robin Waistell, 70, and Stephen Williams, 43, fought Network Rail for four years after becoming “trapped” by knotweed at their homes in Measteg .

They were unable to sell their properties due the proximity of the Knotweed and felt that legal action was the only solution. This case may well have serious repercussions in the residential market and will have network rail sweating… Watch this space. It is well known that the rail networks within the United Kingdom are heavily infested with Japanese Knotweed (amongst other invasive species) It looks like this is going to cost network rail a fair few £

There are a number of features covering this case, below is a example of the type of coverage

On a more personal level we have been working hard all over the country. We have successfully completed excavation projects & detailed reports for Japanese Knotweed for construction companies & residential house holders.

We have also managed to develop an App which we hope will help people identify invasive plants, upload images for identification or ask for free advice relating to non-native species.

Below are QR codes where you can download our free app