New Year, Expansion and Craghoppers

New year Blog 2017

Well we are back in the full swing of things now with Japanese Knotweed Excavation projects under way as well as site clearance works and preparation.

Recently we have undertaken a rather tricky clearance project in York for a large Civil contractor who are currently clearing the site for a Large housing developer.

We have been on site for several months with initial works consisting of clearing thousands of m2 of Himalayan Balsam. We have also cleared trees and vegetation recently in order to build and access way into the site.

Thankfully the weather has been relatively mild & thanks to Craghoppers clothing we are nice and toasty! If you fancy a bargain for a lovely waterproof jacket then check this link out

We are expanding rapidly at the moment and have recently opened new offices in Hull, Newcastle & Bristol.

We aim to gain a foothold in these areas and hope to help people suffering from problems due to invasive species.

Despite the time of year Japanese Knotweed continues to hit the headlines here in the UK with a landmark legal case involving Network rail. A homeowner has successfully sued network rail for irresponsible dealings with Japanese Knotweed.

Here are 2 news articles for your perusal.

As the article shows Insurance Backed guarantees are available to help homeowners sell their properties and most importantly move on with their lives.

Once this guarantee is in place there should be no need to devalue the property in question.

If you have any questions or require any details relating to Japanese Knotweed please call your closest regional IWM office.

Speak soon!


New Year, Job Opportunity’s and Drunken Work Do’s

Happy new year and all that. Here’s hoping you all had awesome break and spent some quality time arguing with your family as per the annual Christmas tradition.

Here at IWM we managed to take some quality time to rest after a very busy year controlling invasive species & the like.

We also managed to squeeze in our Christmas dinner and subsequent drinking activities and thank everyone associated with us for their hard work in 2016.

Now that we have managed to drag ourselves back to work plans are afoot to spread the name of Invasive Weed Management further across the UK to Cities such as Newcastle, Lincoln, Bristol to ensure we grow the business and increase our customer portfolio.

We will also be looking to recruit staff to cover these areas. So, if you think you have what it takes & have a good level of Experience working with Japanese Knotweed & non-native species please email your CV to

On the work front we currently have a number of excavation projects underway to enable clients to develop land in double quick time.

If you have any questions regarding this service or have a land or property contaminated with Japanese Knotweed please call your closest regional office where our friendly staff will be willing to help.

All contact details are on the website or you can call our head office in Leeds in 0113 2721590 where we will be able to direct you

Have a great 2017

All the Best X

Invasive Weed Management

Severed Head Hidden in Knotweed

Knotweed Gin, Severed head & Excavations

Well it’s getting to the time of year where the Japanese Knotweed programmes shift more from Herbicide treatments to excavations.

Projects are in full swing and we have already completed excavation projects for Japanese Knotweed in Sheffield & horsetail in Leeds.

A part of the client package we installed a root barrier membrane & also re-landscaped the area with some rather nice decorative stone products.

When we are out and about across the country we are lucky enough to meet some great people, take in some beautiful views and sometimes encounter the unusual.

A prime example of the latter was when one of our staff was out stem injecting Japanese Knotweed earlier this year in Birmingham.

The client has an overgrown area to the rear of the property and the Knotweed covers this and another 2 properties. Whilst beavering away injecting the canes of the knotweed he noticed what appeared to be a severed head out of the corner of his eye. After the understandable “what the f…” was uttered upon closer inspection a mannequins head was discovered partially buried in the knotweed.

You can see from the picture it looks pretty realistic! After mentioning this to the client they did the understandable thing and wet themselves with laughter!

Severed Head Hidden in Knotweed
Severed Head Hidden in Knotweed

We also some across some interesting ideas on the dealing and processing of Japanese Knotweed and a guy in Belgium has discovered a really novel way.. Knotweed Gin! It’s safe to say we at IWM love gin & Japanese Knotweed so will be keeping an eye out for this stuff. The full article is here

October Knotweed Blog

Coming to the end of the herbicide treatment season for us here and the biggest challenge we have faced has been trying to organise client visits in-between regular summer showers! The climate in the UK simply hasn’t wanted to play ball this year for some reason.

Many people have been asking us how the Brexit vote will affect our business. As with many businesses the simple answer at this moment in time is.. We don’t know! knotweed mortgage refusal

Its really too early to tell but whilst people wish to move house and developers and construction companies have Japanese Knotweed & invasive plant issues hopefully there will be work to be had for us.

We have a strong economy, a (on the whole) hard work ethic in the country and infrastructure projects such as Hs2, Hinkley point & Heathrow planned, so hopefully we will be all right. The only way to be certain Is to work hard, be positive & get on!

Over the coming months we will be turning our attention to excavation and remediation projects for Japanese Knotweed with a number of projects lined up in London, Yorkshire, Lancashire & the midlands.

We will also be working hard on our marketing plans for 2017 as well as looking to recruit a new member of staff to our operations team.

If you or anyone you know would like to apply for a position with us please email your CV to

Knotweed, Jeremy Vine and HSE laboratory

Well the treatment season is now entering the final stages and we are very happy that unlike the weeds we treat the business is growing well.

As many of you will have seen there has been a spike in publicity in regards to Japanese Knotweed in particular in recent weeks with Jeremy Vine , The mail and the dreaded Sun covering various stories about how to get rid of it.. Plant potatoes??! To people being unable to sell their property due to the presence of Japanese Knotweed.

We get the latter a lot, People about to sell their property only to discover that Japanese Knotweed has thrown the proverbial spanner in the works.

Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem in the guise of a treatment programme and insurance backed guarantee. We offer a 5 year IBG as standard in most jobs

We have also noticed a huge increase in the amount of enquires in relation to Buddleia aka Butterfly Bush.

This pretty bush can cause havoc to buildings and is a particular issue in London due to the proximity of houses and flat to rail networks.

It’s not uncommon for us to be crawling onto someone’s roof to treat this pesky problem & it seems to find the most unusual places to grow!

We were recently asked to attend a forum by the HSE laboratory on the practicalities of chemical legislation in the UK, feedback and propose better practice moving forward in the industry.

Along with other business owners from the shipping, retail & construction industries we discussed the challenges to our respective businesses as well as how we would like to see the industry move forward. So watch this space!!

The link to the Jeremy Vine feature is here