August Knotweed Blog

August Blog 2017

We are mid-way through the season now & we are just about taking a breath. Due to our recent successes we have been fortunate enough to add to our growing team and are happy to say they are coming along fantastically.

Ongoing investment through training to national and international standards is a priority for our business and we are looking forward to our workforce adding to their growing list of competencies & qualifications.

At this time of year there is also an upsurge of media and news articles relating to Invasive species, with Japanese Knotweed & Giant Hogweed garnering the majority of coverage. A recent case in the national press recently related to an incident in North London where a government employee was filmed dumping Japanese Knotweed into a local watercourse.

As it stands a person or organisation causing the spread of Japanese Knotweed can be liable for a hefty fine for breaching such rules. As a result of this the agency in question, In this case the Environment Agency, could be liable. The funny thing about this is Environment agency were responsible for the publication of the first Codes of practice!

The full article can be found below:

Herbicidal Treatment

Invasive Weed Management Birmingham Office

Our Office is now open in Birmingham, so if you have a business in or around Birmingham and you’re in need of help with getting rid of Japanese Knotweed and / Or any other Invasive weed then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Invasive Weed Management

Invasive Weed Management Japanese Knotweed Birmingham
Invasive Weed Management Japanese Knotweed Birmingham

2nd Floor Quayside Tower

252-260 Broad Street


B1 2HF

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Invasive Weed Management 3 Year Control and management System

Invasive Weed Managements’s 3 year invasive weed control and management system can treat and eradicate Giant hogweed.

Invasive Weed Management

Our fully qualified technicians will conduct a site survey and develop a bespoke treatment
programme to ensure customer satisfaction.
IWM are also qualified to treat and destroy other invasive plant life such as Himalayan Balsam and Ragwort. Please ask us for details and to arrange a site survey.